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A Story of Hope & Love

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About Our Childhood Leukemia Foundation

Take a minute and learn more about our childhood leukemia foundation and our founder.

Commanded to Do God's Will

It all began in September of 1982 when our founder, Stephen A. Simpson, was lying in bed. Suddenly, he heard a thunderous and authoritative voice commanding, "My children are starving. Feed my children. All across this land, my children are starving. Feed my children." Stephen heard this message repeated three times—which he later realized was an acknowledgment of the Holy Trinity.

After hearing the voice, Stephen cried out with all his heart, "Please, please show yourself to me." His request was quickly granted when the room lit up, and Stephen looked to the door to see a man two feet off the floor wearing a brilliantly inner-lit white robe. He had weathered shoulder-length hair with slight waves, a well-kept beard, and a crook in his nose, sunken jowls along his beard line, and high cheekbones. This man also had the most compassionate brown eyes that Stephen had ever seen. He watched as the man's right hand reached out to him, before quickly disappearing.

This experience forever changed Stephen and was most instrumental in shaping his idea for A Shining Star Foundation. It was this vision that showed him his life's path: to feed the children through his strength and spirituality. He is proud to perform God's rule as a disciple and warrior of the Lord.

Stephen A. Simpsons

Our Founder's Story of Survival


On Valentine's Day in 1994, Stephen was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia at the age of 39. At his time of admission at the Stanford University Medical Center, they had only seen six cases of this disease, and four of these patients unfortunately died. Stephen was given a 20% chance of survival and 72 hours to live. In a moment of solitude, he said a prayer: "Dear, Heavenly Father. I'm as happy as a child to come home to be with you as I am to stay here and do your will." 

Stephen was given the power to make it through his battle with leukemia. He has since battled cancer three additional times:

  • Basal Cell Tumor, 2006
  • Prostate Cancer, 2009
  • Basal Cell Tumor, 2019

Today, Stephen is thankful to be around to support others facing the uncertainty and fear of cancer diagnoses. By sharing his stories of survival, he brings hope and understanding to those experiencing similar situations.

More About Me

I'm 64yo, 6’2”, Long Hair and Beard. I’m a Warm Hearted Spiritual Being. I am First and Foremost A Christian. I Love The Lord above ALL Else. I'm easy going, a Good Conversationalist, an Intellectual, hopeless Romantic. I Love Long Walks and holding hands, No fear of Public Affection. I treat Ladies with Kindness and Respect.

I’m Warm Hearted Full of Gods Love, I'm a very Spiritual Being. I am Being Led Down this Path and My Heart is Telling Me it's the Best Path to Follow cause I'm being led by Gods Immense Love.

Gods Commands me to do His Will.

A Shining Star

One night I Wished upon a Star,
I Wished My Wish yet from afar.
I Wished someday My Pain would End,
Through cure or death relief begin.
I grasped this wish with all My Heart,
The Day would come Anew I'd start.
I knew My Wish it soon would be,
This Night I Looked My Star to See.

A Shining Star Foundation.
Stephen A Simpson
Capitola, California 95010